A Combined 1D-3D Modeling Approach for the Design and Analysis of Complex Mechatronic System

Sikandar Moten, Jan Croes, Goele Pipeleers, Jan Swevers, and Wim Desmet


Mechatronic system modeling, Virtual prototyping


Nowadays, virtual prototyping is often incorporated in the design process to accelerate the development process of complex mechatronic systems. This implies that the use of experimental campaigns has to be reduced and the manufacturer has to rely more on simulation tools. In this paper, the on-going activities on the simulation and validation of combined 1D and 3D models, for the design and analysis of complex mechatronic system, have been presented. This includes the development of a flexible multi-body model, a lumped parameter driveline model and a control system. In order to exhibit the potential of the virtual design and analysis process for modern mechatronic systems, an industrial machine tool is used as a case study. For predicting the dynamic behavior of the machine, forecasting the influence of specific design changes, and assessing the impact of different control architectures with full confidence, the model needs to be validated. To this end, the simulation results of the virtual model is compared with the results obtained on the physical prototype.

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