Simulations of Complex Feeding Chains in the Lotka-Volterra Predator-Prey Model

Dara Q. Quach, Daniel P. Playne, and Ken A. Hawick


Lotka-Volterra, Ecological model, Predator-prey system, Simulation


The Lotka-Volterra equations provide a useful starting approach to modelling variations in population dynamics of biological and ecological systems. We report on simulating complex food chains of multiple species combinations of predators and prey using systems of Lotka-Volterra equations on a spatial mesh. We study even/odd chain lengths and also the introduction of wrap-around periodicities in the feeding chain. We explore how these variations affect the long-term stability and enhancement or suppression of a dynamic equilibrium in the modelled system. We discuss the implications of chain length parity and periodicity for real world complex feeding chain systems that include biological systems of life-forms.

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