Coupled Acoustic-Structural-Piezoelectric Modeling of Synthetic Jet

Razvan Rusovici and Daniel Mason


Synthetic Jet, Acoustic, Finite Element, Piezoelectric


Synthetic-jet actuators (SJA) have been employed in a variety of roles including aerodynamic boundary layer control. In their most widespread configurations, these zero net mass-flow devices are actuated by a piezoelectric, periodically-oscillating which alternatively admits and then expels a gas from an enclosed cavity through a nozzle. The cyclic fluid motion in and out of the cavity forms a synthetic outward bound jet. The aim of the current paper is to present the development and validation of a modeling procedure based on finite elements, which includes multiphysics simulation. The SJA model was based on fully-coupled acoustic, structural and piezoelectric modeling. The predicted results were favorably compared to experiment. While coupled fluid-structural piezoelectric models are available, the proposed method is a much more convenient quick-design tool for SJA’S due to reduced computational times based on the acoustic fluid approximation.

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