Fault Tolerance for Intermittent Faults using Corrective Control: An Event-based Approach

Jung-Min Yang and Seong Woo Kwak


Asynchronous sequential machines, Fault tolerance, Intermittent faults, Corrective control


Corrective control is able to compensate the stable state behavior of a faulty asynchronous sequential machine in a desirable manner. In this paper, we present a scheme of fault diagnosis and tolerance for asynchronous sequential machines with intermittent faults. The intermittent faults have the feature that their adverse effect continues for finite time during which the recovery to the normal status is impossible. Based on an event-based framework, we propose a corrective controller for which the closed-loop system can be immune against the attack of intermittent faults. The existence condition for the controller is that there must exist an output equivalent state with the same reachability as the faulty state. An illustrative example is provided for demonstrating the controller design.

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