Design and Validation of a Position Controller in the Price-Païdoussis Wind Tunnel

Michel Joël Tchatchueng Kammegne, Teodor Lucian Grigorie, Ruxandra M. Botez, and Andreea Koreanschi


Controller, morphing wing, aerodynamics, actuators, wind tunnel


Conventional or brushed DC motors are often used for many industrial applications. A large variety of these motors is found in automation, medical, robotics and aeronautical fields. In this paper, the design and experimental validation of a position controller for a morphing wing design application is presented. Matlab/Simulink was used to design the Proportional Integral Derivative controller. For experimental validation, tests were carried out in the Price-Païdoussis subsonic blow down wind tunnel. The upper wing surface was deformed by means of a mechanical system consisting of two eccentric axes. Both are connected to electrical actuators. Comparisons of two sets of results are provided in this paper. The first set is related to control validation and the second set is related to aerodynamic validation.

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