Experimental Investigation of Radio Frequency Identification Range for Intraocular Implants

Matthew J.A. Rickard, Max M. Migdal, Nathaniel A. Reyes, Alexander D. Murguia, and Creed F. Jones


Electronic Medical Devices, Bioinstrumentation, RFID, IOP Sensing


Application of RFID technology to intraocular instrumentation requires an understanding of the reliability of propagation through optical tissues and fluids. In this study, the working distance for passive RFID operation is measured in a simulated intraocular environment using porcine eyes. Results are obtained in three common RFID ranges: low frequency, high frequency and ultra-high frequency. Several media were tested to assess the possible impact of intraocular materials. Variations in the possible working distance were observed for certain media, but the data suggest that reliable RFID operation for intraocular sensors is possible at a range of 2-4 cm.

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