Compact, Multi-Channel, Electronic Interface for PNS Recording and Stimulation

Caterina Carboni, Lorenzo Bisoni, Nicola Carta, and Massimo Barbaro


Neural Recording, PNS stimulation, Biomedical interfaces, Sigma Delta converters, Low noise neural amplifier


A multi-channel system for neural signal recording/stimulation is presented. The system is split on two devices: an implantable High Voltage (HV) CMOS integrated circuit (IC) hosting a sigma delta modulator, together with a low noise preamplifier/prefilter and a digital platform for sigma delta decimation/control implemented on a FPGA. This innovative approach guarantees a robust communication link while minimizing the blocks to be implanted, saving power and area. The recording unit exhibits an IRN = 2.12uVrms in 800Hz-8kHz bandwidth, a programmable gain in the range 45.4dB-58dB and a 14-bit A/D conversion. The IC hosts also a current-mode stimulator able to deliver currents in the range of hundreds of microampere to electrodes with impedances up to 100kΩ.

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