3D Foot Shape Reconstruction from Plantar Pressure Cartographies

Hussein Abou-Ghaida, Serge Mottet, and Jean-Marc Goujon


Foot shape reconstruction, biomechanical foot modeling, plantar pressure cartographies


Foot problems due to diabetics, age or joint disease are treated by application of personalized foot insoles. Designing an insole requires the knowledge of the plantar foot shape. Several techniques are used to get or estimate the 3D foot shape. Among them, plantar pressure cartographies are used by podiatrists to estimate the design of the foot insoles. Unfortunately, due to the lack of conversion tool between pressure maps and foot shape, several iterations of design and measurements are needed. In the present study, a new method aiming to extract the 3D foot shape under pressure is presented. The main elements of the foot that induce the plantar pressure distribution are presented in a specific biomechanical model. We present and discuss extraction of the 3D pressured foot shape from the barefoot plantar pressure measurements.

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