Optimized Control of a Parallel Mechanism Rehabilitation Robot

Mustafa S. Ayas, Erdinc Sahin, and Ismail H. Altas


Parallel ankle rehabilitation robot, Particle swarm optimization, Trajectory tracking


This paper presents an optimized PID control approach for trajectory tracking of a parallel ankle rehabilitation robot which is a two degrees of freedom parallel manipulator. In order to have a robust tracking a PID controller of which the parameters are tuned by using particle swarm optimization algorithm is developed. The performances of the optimized controller is measured using Integral Squared Error performance measure method which is a version of the integral-error based performance measure methods. A white noise is introduced as an external disturbance to examine the robustness of the controller. The results of the simulations given in Section 5 show that the optimized PID controller has excellent tracking performance. In brief, the simulation results confirm the effectiveness of the developed controller.

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