Optimisation of Breakwaters Design to Protect Offshore Terminal Area

Hassan Diab, Pascal Lafon, and Rafic Younes


Simulation And Optimisation, Genetic Algorithms, Fluid Mechanics, Offshore Terminal, Breakwater


This paper addresses an optimisation problem of the design of detached breakwaters planned at offshore terminals. The approach aims to minimize the cost of the protection structure where the wave height in the terminal area is considered to be the main constraint. A genetic algorithm is used to solve the problem where the fitness function consists of the objective function penalised by the constraint function, both of them un-dimensioned. The coordinates of the nodes of the breakwater are considered to be the variables of optimisation. The initial population is randomly generated in a way to have two segments breakwater. The hydrodynamic model used to calculate the fitness of each individual within the population is based on mild-slop equation. An extended and modified mild-slope equation is used to take dissipation and rapid change bathymetry parameters into consideration together with random multi-frequency incident wave. The results are taken after attending a steady state of the fitness function.

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