Multi-Objective Optimization Strategies for the Custom-fit Bra Design

Yiqing Cai, Lihua Chen, and Winnie Yu


Bra Design, Optimization, Genetic Algorithm


This paper presents a multi-objective optimization strategy for the custom-fit bra design based on meta-heuristic method of Genetic Algorithms (GA) for a three-dimensional viscoelastic breast model and elastic bra model. First, a multi-objective optimization formulation with assigned weight factor, each objective function and bra design variables including dimensions and material properties. For individual breast of specific volume and material properties, the GA can be customized to generate solutions for the multi-objective optimization by using predetermined fit functions and the methods to promote the solution diversity. Then, based on the solution given from the GA, a new Finite Element (FE) simulation will be performed to develop the three-dimensional viscoelastic breasts and elastic bra models. The simulation results in terms of contact pressure, contact area, deformation, stress distribution, and frictional force will be used to quantitatively determine the optimal bra support with minimum pressure. Finally, by integrating FE simulation and GA, reasonable solutions to a multi-objective design of the custom-fit bra can be obtained. Each solution satisfies the objectives at an acceptable level without being dominated by any other solution.

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