Weighted-Minimum Cost Reliability Ratio Path Problem

Wan Rohaizad Wan Ibrahim and Shaharuddin Salleh


bi-objective shortest path problem, optimization, greedy search, modelling and simulation


In a wireless ad hoc network, reliability is an issue that affects the performance of mobile users in the network. A transmission that is well received is said to be reliable, otherwise it is not reliable. In this research study, Minimum Cost-Reliability Ratio Path (MCRRPP) is measured for determining the reliability of a link to minimise the cost and at the same time, trying to maximise its reliability. Therefore, in this study, a new ratio by weight of cost and reliability has been proposed in order to create a better flexibility, especially in a decision making situation. The search algorithm has also been proposed based on original single objective shortest path problem (Floyd-Warshall Algorithm) and conditional greedy algorithms.

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