Improved BER Performance of Base Station Cooperation Systems Employing SC-FDE Modulations with IB-DFE Receivers

Filipe Ribeiro, Rui Dinis, Francisco Cercas, and Adão Silva


BS cooperation, Theoretical BER performance, SC-FDE, IB-DFE


This paper considers the uplink transmission in BS (Base Station) cooperation architectures where MTs (Mobile Terminals) in adjacent cells share the same physical channel, providing significant capacity gains. The signals from different MTs are effectively combined and separated by a CPU (Central Processing Unit) through the use of iterative frequency-domain receivers based on the IB-DFE (Iterative Block Decision Feedback Equalization) concept. We consider SC-FDE (Single-Carrier with Frequency-Domain Equalization) modulations and we present a simple, yet accurate analytical model for obtaining the corresponding BER (Bit Error Rate) performance.

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