Visualization of Input-Output Relation of SISO/MIMO Systems Using Parametrization of Two-Stage Compensator Design

Keisuke Hashimoto and Kazuyoshi Mori


Two-Stage Compensator Design, Parametrization of Stabilizing Controllers, Factorization Approach


In this paper, we consider the two-stage compensator designs for single-input and single-output (SISO) plants and multi-input and multi-output (MIMO) plants in the framework of the factorization approach. Recently, one of the authors has given the parametrization of stabilizing controllers given by the two-stage compensator design. As an investigation of the role of the two-stage compensator designs, we implement two visualization systems of the parametrization of stabilizing controllers based on the twostage compensator design. One is animation system. The other is three-dimensional (3D) graph system. These systems display input-output relationship and norms of signals. Based on the two-stage compensator designs, we have implemented the system in which the outputs are shown by the animation system and the 3D graph system. On the other hand, the input signals can be visualized twodimensional (2D) graphs. Further, the norms of signals can also be visualized in 2D graphs. As a model of the factorization approach, we have employed the discrete-time LTI systems.

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