Models Testing Models in Continuous Integration of Model-Driven Development

Vlad Estivill-Castro, Rene Hexel, and Joshua Stover


Software Models, Real-Time Systems, Test-Driven Development, Model-Driven Development, Validation and Model-Checking, Finite-State Machines


We propose to test software models with software models. Model-Driven Software Development proposes that soft- ware is to be constructed by developing high-level models that directly execute or generate most of the code. On the other hand, Test-Driven development proposes to produce tests that validate the functionality of the code. This paper brings both together by using Logic-Labeled Finite-State Machines to deploy executable models of embedded systems and also to configure the corresponding tests. The advantage is a much more efficient validation of the models, with more robust and durable representations, that ensure effective and efficient quality assurance throughout the development process, saving the costly exercise of formal model-checking until the system is complete enough to meet all requirements.

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