Spider-MSControl: A Tool for Support to the Measurement Process using GQIM Approach

Thiago S. A. Costa, Bleno W. F. V. Silva, Dan J. S. Teixeira, Gessica P. Silva, Paulo J. S. Souza, Arthur I. X. M. Batista, Sandro R. B. Oliveira, and Alexandre M. L. Vasconcelos


Measurement ana Analysis, Process, Quality Models and Norms, Free Software Tools


This paper presents a software tool called Spider-MsControl, a desktop solution that operates in a client-server system and aims to help the measurement process, with respect to the measures definition, collection, analysis and monitoring activities, following practices defined in GQIM approach. The software follows all practices, expected results and activities set for the Measurement process of CMMI-DEV and MR-MPS-SW models and the ISO/IEC 12207 norm, and other good practices guides in this discipline.

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