An integrated Approach for Assembly Line Balancing Problems

GianPaolo Di Bona, Alessandro Silvestri, Domenico Falcone, Cristina cerbaso, and Antonio Forcina


Development methodologies, algorithms, balancing techniques, operator saturation, workstation saturation


In industrial plants, it is important to ensure a balanced allocation of the operations among workstations. Overloaded workstations (bottlenecks) rather than shortly saturated ones can affect the performance of the whole line in terms of production, whose speed often depends on the slowest station. The devolvement of the proposed method comes from a careful study and analysis of several line balancing techniques, in order to highline their strengths and weaknesses in providing unique and effective solutions. Based on the analysis carried out, a new approach for assembly lines balancing is proposed, able to integrate the main advantages of classic methodologies. Finally the proposed approach has been applied to a simulation experiment in order to show its effectiveness and ability to fill the gap found in literature.

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