Model Transformation For Domain Specific Architecture Languages In The Automotive Software Development

Fadi Jabbour, Andreas Rausch, and Arthur Strasser


Model Weaving, Automated Model Transformation, Automotive Industry


Nowadays, automotive software complexity is handled by using tool-based and model-driven development ap- proaches. Thus, multiple tools and specialized Architec- ture Description Languages (ADLs) are used at different stages of the development process. This has led to process and tooling gap between these languages. This paper aims to introduce a solution for the inte- gration problem that exists between tool chains used in the automotive domain. The main goal of this solution is to find an effective semi-automated method that can be used to create model transformation between different automotive ADLs. Our solution provides a refinement to the current approaches of model matching and automated model trans- formation in order to make them more applicable in the case of complex meta-models. Furthermore, it introduce an iterative algorithm for finding correspondence element between tow meta-models.

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