A generalized method to stochastically assess investments in photovoltaic plants

Roberto Revetria, Guido Guizzi, and Pietro Giribone


Renewable Energy, Investment Sustainability, Photovoltaic Plant, Monte Carlo simulation, Response Surface Methodology


In this paper, the Authors present the results of their research conducted to stochastically define a method to assess investments in electric production plants using renewable energy with particular reference to photovoltaic plants. The method is broken down into six sequential steps where particularly suitable instruments are used for stochastic applications such as: the Monte Carlo method, the Design of Experiments and the Response Surface Methodology. It is therefore possible to obtain regression meta-models as output that allow us to highlight the cause and effect relationship between some input variables and the main assessment parameters of an investment. The method's declared objective is to allow possible investors to use a reliable assessment instrument and to provide clearly interpretable quantitative answers.

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