Measuring Variability of Mean Annual Runoff for the Upper Vaal Catchment Using Entropy

Masengo Ilunga and Ednah K. Onyari


entropy, runoff, model


Hydrological characteristics such as mean annual runoff (MAR) of catchments play a major role for water resources planning, development and management. MAR as hydrological variable can be associated with some degree of uncertainty (known as entropy). Shannon or theoretic entropy is introduced to measure the variability of MAR in the quaternary catchments (QCs) of the Upper Vaal catchment of South Africa. MAR data on surface water resources of South Africa 1990 (WR90) and 2005 (WR2005) from the Water Resource Commission (WRC) of South Africa were used in this study. Relationships between entropy associated with MAR of QCs for WR90 and entropy associated with MAR of QCs for WR2005 are established. The relative changes/variations in MAR data sets were correlated with the relative changes in entropy, between 1989 and 2004. Regression models were used to display the different relationships and correlations. This is an indication of predictive tools (models) for hydrological conditions between WR90 and WR2005 data sets.

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