Hand Motion Training System by Inducing Pressure Presentation

Naoaki Tsuda, Sho Ozaki, Yuma Nakazawa, Tsunekazu Moriguchi, Yoshihiko Nomura, and Norihiko Kato


Hand motion training, Inducing Training, Pressure Presentation, Calligraphy


There are lots of skills that are required to be handed on to the next generation. It is usually regarded that it takes a long time to learn specialized skills like medical treatment, constructing architectures, making molds for metal stamping, painting and calligraphy. However, lately, the number of such specialists is decreasing. In this paper, the authors developed a calligraphic skill training system. In the developed system, a student holds a calligraphy brush and makes a brush motion of a character on a touch-screen display. Because calligraphy should be performed by a proper brush motion, for this purpose, a novel pressure presentation device was developed. This device was designed to be attached on the student's wrist, and the handwriting is compared to the reference handwriting. If the difference between the student and the reference handwritings is large, the pressure is presented to the student by the device. As a result, the student can recognize whether the motion was proper or not. Although the magnitude of the pressure is weak, the pressure stimulus is expected to induce the student to revise the writing motion. Through training experiments by several participants, the applicability of the device to instruct specialized technical motions was confirmed.

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