A Telemonitoring Framework Designed for Elderly Patients

Silvia Macis, Danilo Pani, Daniela Loi, Andrea Ulgheri, and Luigi Raffo


Telehealth, eHealth, Android, Elderly


Telemonitoring is nowadays one of the most sought-after approach for patient management, especially for those suffering from chronic conditions. It involves different actors and exploits various technologies for monitoring patients at distance. In this paper, a telemonitoring framework specifically designed for elderly patients is presented. The proposed system takes advantage of an Android application that can be used on different devices (smartphone, tablet and TV), for the measurement of vital signs. The general practitioners have access to a simple and intuitive web interface to monitor the patients’ parameters trend and send them feedback. Preliminary usability tests have been carried out, with satisfying results, both with elderly patients and with general practitioners.

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