Active Learning Concepts Applied on a Automotive Mechatronic System

Fabio Delatore, Fabrizio Leonardi, and Alexsander Tressino Carvalho


Drive by wire, Control, Vehicle, Embedded electronic


Nowadays, managing the combustion engines by the usage of electronics, has become indispensable. Without the electronics in this management system, would not be possible, for example, achieving the low emissions required by the environmental agencies, and meet, at the same time, the torque and performance requirements, imposed by the vehicles manufacturer. Study how the electronic management controls, the entire cycle of the engine operation, in different operating conditions, is a major challenge. To become this task easier, some small individual control loops are engaged (air intake, fuel injection and spark ignition), providing a support to the macro engine control. This paper aims to demonstrate a detailed procedure, step by step, to design a controller using the classical concepts of control systems, applied on a gas pedal + throttle body + electronic system, known as drive-by-wire system (DBW). The study proposed here becomes an important tool to support management engine classes and also classic control classes, for the students of Technology and Engineering Automotive, Mechatronics or Electric courses, because it demonstrates a practical application of mechatronic systems concepts involving multidisciplinary topics.

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