Ring Fixators in Traumatology (An Engineering Point of View)

Karel Frydrýšek, Jiří Kohut, Vojtěch Bajtek, Milan Šír, and Leopold Pleva


external fixator, ring fixator, biomechanics, traumatology


This article focuses on ring (Ilizarov) external fixators in traumatology and orthopedics. External fixators are used in the treatment of complicated fractures, bone shortening and lengthening, corrections of angular deformities, and similar applications. An engineering/biomechanical point of view represents an essential perspective when taking account of the recommendations of medical specialists, designing materials for fixator components, developing surface treatment methods, optimizing design concepts, and conducting experimental verification. The article presents practical experience and results gained during cooperation between medical specialists and engineers (an overview of applicable materials, design, laboratory experiments, Finite Element Modeling).

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