Formalizing Priority-based Load Balancer for a Datacenter

Vasudevan Janarthanan


Cloud computing, Datacenters, Multiprocessor systems


Cloud computing and its services are very innovative and cost-effective in their delivery model making it a very useful tool for many companies. Datacenters with multitude of high-performing servers as resources provide cloud services to users using virtual machines that are connected through internet. These servers differ based on the type of multiprocessor systems contained in them. In this work, we have shown how supervisory control of discrete-event systems [5] could be used to formalize load balancing in the servers of modern day datacenters having uniform multiprocessor systems based on priorities. As part of future work, we would like to apply the proposed priority-based load balancing methodology on a real-world datacenter as a case study and perform simulations for the purpose of validating the proposed formalization with the simulation results.

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