Design of a Digital Robust Controller for Nonlinear Control Systems with a Backlash Element

Kamen M. Yanev


Servo System, Nonlinear


This paper provides further advancement of the strategy for analysis and design of servo robust control systems with backlash nonlinearities. A case of a control system, consisting of linear and nonlinear sections is discussed, where the nonlinearity is a backlash element. Taking into consideration the Bilinear Tustin Transform and the Euler's approximation, a robust controller design is achieved by a number of successive steps. By applying the Goldfarb stability criterion, the performance of the control system is examined before and after the application of the robust controller proving its robustness. Based on the difference equations of its stages, the robust controller is realized by two microcontrollers. This research is a further development of the author’s work on the analysis and design of linear, nonlinear and digital robust control systems. The suggested tool for analysis and design of servo nonlinear robust control systems is essential and beneficial for the further development of control theory in this area.

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