Effect of Feed-through Term and the Synthesis of Multi-mode Integral Resonant Control

Mohammad Namavar, Majid Aleyaasin, and Sumeet S. Aphale


Vibration control, Resonance damping, Colocated systems


Most damping controller designs are based on, and aimed at, damping the first dominant resonant mode of the targeted system. The higher-order dynamics of these systems are left unmodeled and an adequate feed-through term is generally added to compensate for model truncation effects. The Integral Resonant Control (IRC) exploited this feed-through term to manipulate the dynamics of resonant colocated systems such that a simple integrator delivered adequate damping to the resonant mode. As an added advantage, IRC also imparted damping to other higher-order modes and was guaranteed stable. Nevertheless, this was still a single-mode based design. In this paper, we formalize the effect of the feed-through term on a typical multi-mode system and present the design and analysis of a true multi-mode IRC.

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