The Application of Monte Carlo Method in Diagnostic Radiology

Bojan Branko Cavric and Taj S. Verma


Monte Carlo simulation, Mathematical modelling


The main aim of this paper is to evaluate the application of Monte Carlo method in diagnostic radiology. Ionizing radiation has been used in diagnostic radiology more than 100 years. The application of ionising radiation in medicine is a field which is developing continuously and rapidly. Research in the relatively narrow area of radiation protection in medicine, has enabled technological development, especially in the domains which specialize in adequacy principles and optimization practices of diagnostic radiology. ALARA, (as low as reasonably achievable) principle is used to determine the dosage size. One of the preferred mathematical methods is the Monte Carlo method and its application in diagnostic radiology. It allows us to calculate the values of physical quantities based on photon’s transport simulations. The Monte Carlo method is a technique in which a large quantity of randomly generated numbers is studied using a probabilistic model to find an approximate solution to a numeric problem that would be difficult to solve by other methods. The Monte Carlo method is essentially a mathematical model which facilitates the calculation of physical attributes based on the simulation of photon transport. The method provides a realistic simulation of radiation transport, scattering and absorption processes, carried out by ionizing radiation (photons, electrons and neutrons) as it passes through different materials and geometries.

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