A Review on Control System Algorithm for Building Automation Systems

Simplice Igor Noubissie-Tientcheu, Shyama Pada Daniel Chowdhury, and Adnan M Abu-Mahfouz


HVAC control systems and algorithm , Lighting control systems, BAS, Energy efficiency


The building with its components such as Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) and lighting constitute a bigger part of energy consumption in Southern Africa. Control system in a building reduced the energy consumption, according to different factor such as luminosity or daylight and occupancy reduced the operating time of HVAC and the lamp thus diminished the electricity consumption. This paper presents some work reviews on control algorithm and control systems around Building Automation (HVAC and Lighting systems), with an aim to analyze the dissatisfaction of energy saving around building automation systems (BAS) and the factors affecting their performance in order to find out cost effective building automation system (BAS) in Southern Africa and in the current perspectives of minimizing carbon footprint.

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