Valorisation of Personal Health Records in Delivering Patient-centric Healthcare Services in a Resource Constrained Setting

Richard Pankomera and Darelle van Greunen


Personal health records, Personalised telehealth, Patient-centric, Valorisation, Resource Constrained, Healthcare system integration


Personal Health Records (PHRs) play a pivotal role in improving the delivery of patient-centric healthcare services. They have proven to be an indispensable tool in the self-management of personal health and wellbeing. Most high income countries have managed to implement PHRs in the provision of patient-centric healthcare services. However, resource constrained settings such as developing countries encounter a lot of challenges in utilizing PHRs in the delivery of patient-centric healthcare services. This paper therefore gives a comprehensive discussion on the comparative analysis of viability of the deployment of PHRs in both developed and resource constrained settings in providing patient-centric healthcare services. It is envisaged that the findings from this study will be the starting point towards the formulation of guidelines in deploying PHRs that will facilitate the provision of patient-centric healthcare services in a resource constrained environment. Furthermore, the study will provide valuable information for PHR designers, health providers and patients for patient-centric systems in a resource constrained setting.

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