Nonlinear MPC-based Approach for Motion Control of Wheeled Mobile Robot in Dynamic Environment

Adnan Osmanovic and Jasmin Velagic


Nonlinear MPC, Mobile robot, Motion control, Stability analysis, Obstacle avoidance, Dynamic Environment


This paper presents Nonlinear Model Predictive Control (NMPC) based approach for solving a set point regulation problem of the wheeled mobile robot in an unknown environment with dynamic as well as static obstacles. The optimal control problem is formulated using a kinematic model of the mobile robot and taking into account actuator limitations and environment constraints in terms of obstacles. This approach is based on the safety regions described around obstacle points, detected by sonar sensors, which will be excluded from the optimization search within NMPC. An asymptotic stability of the proposed NMPC closed-loop system was deduced using direct Lyapunov method. Static and dynamic obstacle avoidance capabilities have been verified by simulations. From obtained simulation results it can be concluded that the proposed NMPC-based controller ensures a safe and smooth trajectory from the start to the goal location.

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