Intelligent PillBox: Automatic and Programmable Assistive Technology Device

Juan M. Parra, Wilson F. Valdez, Andrea P. Guevara, Irene P. Cedillo, and Jose Ortíz-Segarra


Assistive Technology, Intelligent PillBox, Internet of Things


Assistive Technology (AT) maintains and improves the individual’s functioning and independence, thereby promoting their well-being. But today only 1 from each 10 people in need have access to AT due to high costs and a lack of awareness, availability, personal training, policy and financing. By 2050, more than 2 billion people will need at least 1 assistive product with many elderly needing 2 or more. Elderly make important contributions to the society. Though some people aged well, other become frail, with a high risk of disease. In this paper, we propose a first approach related the design of AT device. This uses open source technologies and gives a new choice in taking medication dosages. “The Intelligent PillBox” allows the organization of several medication schedules that health disorders presented in elderly need basically. Arduino Mega 2560 was took as the principal controller. This prototype contains; a programmable alarm system with an automatic opening and closing system, an interactive user interface and a notification system through GSM network. The development of this device is focused in the support of elderly people and other vulnerable groups that may need for an assisted care.

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