Influence of Different Types of Wheelchair Cushions for Pressure Ulcers in View of the Experimental Approach

Thong He Bui, Didier Pradon, Philippe Lestriez, Karl Debray, Redha Taiar, and Bruno Guillon


wheelchair, cushions, pressure distribution (PD), pressure ulcer (PU), buttocks


It is well-known that improvements in seat comfort are needed as a medical solution to prevent pressure ulcers. In recent years, pressure ulcers have become an increasing social and medical issue and manufacturers are trying to respond appropriately for better solutions. The contact interaction between human buttock-tissue and seat cushion is an important factor in users’ sense of comfort. In this study, an approach by experimental method with pressure mapping (TexiMat) will be analyzed for eight different cushions in the aim to compare their behaviors in sitting position. The comportment of buttocks/cushions model was validated by experimental data. The main purpose of this article is to study the influence of material properties contributions on cushions and their capacities to reduce pressure distribution by improving the ability to prevent pressure ulcers. This study may help to choose different types of cushions as well as the thickness of the cushions for patients and user’s wheelchair to prevent pressure ulcers.

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