Cognitive Function Monitoring Platform Based on a Smartphone for Alternative Screening Tool

Rattapong Lordthong and Phornphop Naiyanetr


Neurological Assessment, Touchscreen Device, Cognitive Function, Neurological Disorders, Mobile Application


Neurological assessment is a commonly mental screening evaluation for initial neurological disorders in patients. Mild Mental Status Examination is a standard screening test which is used as one of the tools for diagnosis. In Thailand, Thai Mental Status Examination was used to screen the Thai-patients. This preliminary study aims to provide an alternative screening and monitoring tool for dementia. The tool is focused on both processing and analyzing choice reaction time with a smartphone application. The application was composed of ‘TouchTap’, ‘MindCal’, and ‘MatchTap’. Three tasks have calculated new indices indicating the level of cognitive function in the form of game. The application was tested by 3 groups of player including young adults, middle-aged adults, and older adults This results showed that older adults were significantly different from other groups in terms of score in ‘MindCal’. All results indicated a relationship through linear equations and correlation coefficient. For the correlation, ‘MindCal’ was a strong positive correlation (r = 0.83) but other games were a weak positive correlation (r = 0.5) indicated influencing factors; such as age and educational background as similarly the conventional method. In conclusion, smartphone application would be an alternative screening tool for the measurement of reaction time.

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