Circularly Polarized Implanted Antenna with Conical Bio-Metallic Ground Plane

Jingjing Li, Ildiko Peter, and Ladislau Matekovits


Circularly polarized antenna, implanted antenna, in-body communication, bio-metallic alloy


A circularly polarized implanted antenna is designed and numerically analyzed for in-body communication. The turn-style like antenna consists of two orthogonal conformal dipoles located on the bone which contains a conical implant made up by a bio-metallic alloy. The return losses at the central frequency of the Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) band (i.e., f=2.45 GHz) of the two dipoles in stand-alone configurations are -46.1 dB and -57.9 dB, respectively. When both radiators are present to generate a circular polarized radiated field, the dimensions of the dipoles have been redesigned to get resonance close to 2.45 GHz. Numerical results show that circular polarization can be achieved in an angular range of 163o x 23o.

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