A Modular Vital Sign Monitoring Based-on USB Communication

Jirawat Iamsamang, Natthapon Bijaphala, Pariyakorn Boonperm, Rattapong Lordthong, and Phornphop Naiyanetr


Patient monitoring, Electronic medical records, Medical information systems, USB communication


Vital sign monitoring system mainly monitors the physiological parameters of the patient. The commercial product is usually designed as all-in-one device. However, the increasing of new medical sensors causes the researchers need to develop monitoring platform for their own sensor. The purpose of this study is to redesign the state of the art vital sign monitor for various type of sensor device based on de facto Universal Serial Bus (USB) communication. An analog front end (AFE) integrated circuit with USB port for 12 leads electrocardiogram (ECG), saturated oxygen (SpO2) level, was developed. A commercial thermal imaging camera was also an additional module for body temperature measurement. Both the integrated circuit and thermal imaging camera were used as sensor module for the monitoring platform. The parameter result from sensor modules was displayed on web application. A result of modular monitor system was able to choose the sensor module to acquire ECG, photoplethysmogram (PPG), SpO2 level, and body temperature. This system decreases the time-consuming to develop a new platform for a new sensor. Furthermore, the application of this system contributes to specific clinical application, ambulatory service, and home monitoring development in smart home for aging society.

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