Circuit Realization of Fractional Order Integral and Proportional Integral Controllers for DC Servo System

Manvi Kapoor, Tarush Aggarwal, Yashneet Kaur, Arshinder Singh, and Swati Sondhi


Fractional Order Control, Analogue Realization, DC servo system, Fractional Power Pole


Fractional order control is one of the most efficient and emerging control strategies in the area of control system these days. This control strategy is known to give more robust and efficient performance in comparison to the other control techniques. However, the difficulty in implementing these controllers in hardware form poses on limitation to their application. Therefore, this paper illustrates the circuit realization of the fractional order integral and proportional integral controllers. The designed circuit has been tested at simulation level using the electronic equivalent circuit of a DC motor, in PSpice environment. The performance of the designed circuit has been valuated using various specifications like rise time, settling time, overshoot etc.

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