A Modified Design of Unmanned Aerial & Ground Vehicle (UAGV)

Sumeet Sagar, Sunidhi Garg, Siddharth Aggarwal, Vinayak Chakravarty, and Swati Sondhi


Quadcopter, Drone, UAGV


In this paper, a modified model for the body frame of a quadcopter has been suggested. In the proposed model, an additional feature has been incorporated in the quadcopter, using body frame modifications, that gives it the capability to travel on the ground in all types of terrain even in case of an upside down landing. The design has been made in such a way that none of the predefined flight parameters are compromised due to this new addition. This makes the modified quadcopter much more useful in a variety of applications pertaining to military operations, search and spy operations etc. The model is designed using Solidworks software. It has an upper edge over the normal quadcopters that is it has a set of belt frames mounted on it, enabling it to move on ground. The belt frame is hexagonal in shape having caterpillar tracks, can easily move on rough terrains allowing it to move even when it is upside down.

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