Feasibility of Divided Wall Column for High Purity and High Recovery Methanol Separation

Dominik Kroiss, Isuru Abeykoon Udugama, and Wei Yu


Divided wall column, Methanol distillation column, Ultra-high purity


The Divided Wall Column (DWC) can be a good optional to separate the final products since it can reduce around 30% energy costs comparing to traditional distillation columns. In this paper, we will design a DWC for methanol distillation in which the ultra-high pure methanol (product impurities <10 ppm wt%) will be produced. Through the simulation models built in Aspen HYSYS, three type columns: Side-Draw Column (SDC), Direct Sequence (DS) and DWC are compared. The feasibility of the DWC for the methanol separation is analyzed.

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