Implementation of Least Mean Square Algorithm for Second-Order Volterra Filter in a Distribution System

Md Tausif Ahmad, Narendra Kumar, and Bhim Singh


Volterra Second-order filter (VSF), power quality, DSTATCOM, least mean square (LMS)


The performance of distribution static compensator (DSTATCOM) is enhanced by control strategies to improve the power quality in a distribution system. This paper presents the development and implementation of least mean square (LMS) algorithm based on Second-order Volterra filter (SVF) to generate reference template for switching DSTATCOM. The SVF coefficients are weights updated by least mean square (LMS) algorithm. The convergence speed of the proposed algorithm depends on autocorrelation matrix of input vector and step size of LMS algorithm. The SVF comprises of linear and nonlinear functions to deal with the unbalanced load and to accommodate the nonlinearities of utility grid. The functions of DSTATCOM at point of common coupling (PCC) are to bring the total harmonic distortions (THDs) of the grid within the limits of IEEE-519 standard and to regulate the AC bus voltage. The performance results of proposed algorithm are validated on the developed test system model of DSTATCOM in MATLAB Simulink platform.

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