A new thresholding method based on the exponential function for specular highlight detection

Nouho OUATTARA, Armand Kodjo ATIAMPO, Ghislain Koffi PANDRY, and Georges Laussane LOUM


Specular highlight, Detection, Colour space, Component L*, Exponential function, Thresholding


In many applications, the specular highlight presence is disruptive information. Its removal strongly depends on the effectiveness of its detection. In this paper, we propose a new method for detecting specular highlight. This method is generic and is based on automatic thresholding. The determination of the threshold is done algorithmically. It is based on the exploitation of the L* component of the CIELab colour space and the exponential function. The exponential function creates a gap between the brightest pixels and the other pixels. The experimental results show the effectiveness of our detection method on images of different nature.

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