Control method for a power-assisted cart based on operational force

Go Hirano


Power assist cart, mechanum wheel, operational force, omnidirectional mobile robot


In this study, we developed a power-assisted cart that is controlled by the forces applied by the operator. To reduce the burden on the operator with regard to moving from one point to another, it would be ideal if the cart could be operated intuitively and be capable of moving in any direction. Therefore, the developed cart has a mechanism that allows it to move in any direction. The cart recognizes the force that the operator applies to the handle and determines the intended direction and velocity from the applied forces. To improve operability, the movement task was classified into three types. We derived the relationship between these three types and the operation force and solved the kinematics of the cart. We then developed a means of controlling an omnidirectional mobile cart with the goal of reducing the burden on the operator and demonstrated its efficacy via an experiment.

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