Case study: 16 channel DAQ device and its application to plant monitoring systems

Aqeel Farooq, Wadee Alhalabi, Ahad Alhudali, and Lujain Khafaji


DAQ, MC USB 1608 G, micro-controller, NI, real-world data, SMS


The aim of this research is to design, develop, configure and implement a 16-channel DAQ (Data Acquisition) device, with its application software, for plant monitoring. A DAQ device is a low-cost alternative to several expensive hardware devices at the domestic and industrial scale, such as the MC USB-1608G. At the core of the system is a cost-effective microcontroller device, programmed with NI software. By processing real-world data from a combination of sensors in array, a number of physical quantities can be measured and monitored. With this data, actions can be taken on the occurrence of a fault and abnormal conditions. Alarms, SMS alerts and remote monitoring from a distant end are supported by the use of GSM and Wi-Fi modules and the system can be set to operate in an automatic or manual mode. The final software will be given an executable form so that it can easily work on some external machines, without any third-party software with voice-supported commands.

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