Signal time-frequency analysis for RF emitter detection and location

Huai-Jing Du and Fred Dilkes


Cross-ambiguity function (CAF), Sensors, Signal processing, RF emitters, Location, Electronic surveilance


The detection and location of Radio Frequency (RF) emitters is a very important capability for Electronic Surveillance (ES) of adversarial RF emissions for national security and/or defence purposes. Many detection and location techniques have been developed for various applications. This paper will detail algorithm developments and numerical analysis for detection and location of uncooperative RF emissions using two collaborating but spatially separated digital ES sensors. This paper summarizes the development, formalisms and implementations of Complex Cross-Ambiguity Functions (CAFs) to estimate timeand frequency- differences of signals collected by the two sensors. Since the received RF signal power is a potential challenge in many modern ES operational scenarios, the techniques developed depend heavily on compensating with long Coherent Processing Intervals (CPIs). This paper characterizes the method using numerical simulations in a representative scenario to demonstrate analytical results.

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