Three-axis Vibration Suppression Control of Pneumatic Isolation Table with Single Servo Valve using Cyclic Control Input

Masakazu Koike, Hajime Ginya, Feifei Zhang, and Junichirou Tahara


Pneumatic isolation table, Linear switched system, Linear matrix inequality, Particle swarm optimization


In this paper, we focus on three-axis vibration suppression problem for a pneumatic isolation table with servo valves. In general, it is possible to enhance the vibration suppression performance by adjusting the flow rate of air into and from fore air springs with fore servo valves. In order to reduce the cost, we consider a configuration combining one servo valve and multi on-off valves for distributing the output flow path. This system can be regarded as a linear switched system. Furthermore, in order to make stability easier to discuss, the switching order of on-off valves are fixed. In this paper, we propose two deriving methods of feedback gain guaranteeing stability to this system. One is a solution method using Linear matrix inequality, and the other is a solution method using Particle swarm optimization. The effectiveness of the proposed methods is verified by numerical simulations.

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