Optimal Power Exchange in Zero Net Energy Building

Roghieh A Biroon, Zoleikha Abdollahi Biroon, and Ramtin Hadidi


optimization, tariff, battery, solar, distribution, residential


Growing interest in renewable energy sources and declining cost of solar photovoltaics and batteries in recent years are changing the power grid especially in residential sectors. A well-managed increasing level of the renewables leads to a more reliable power grid. A significant portion of power energy is devoted to residential sectors in which a reliable and cost-effective power electricity is essential. In this regard, Zero Net Energy (ZNE) building is becoming a major interest of researchers and utilities. This approach has the potential to disrupt traditional utility operations and planning, due to the fundamental changes in daily load profile. In this paper, we calculate optimum battery size for ZNE buildings based on expected reliability level of the ZNE. The next step is to investigate the effect of the tariff on smoothening the power exchange between the customer and power grid to release the maximum distribution network capacity. Based on the real residential data, simulation results show the effectiveness of the proposed methods and analyses.

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