Virtual Inertia Control Based-Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage in Modern AC Stand-Alone Grids

Mohammad-Hassan Khooban and Jalil Boudjadar


Virtual Inertia Control, Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES), Non-integer Intelligent Controller


The rapid growing in applying green energy supplies like fuel cell, photovoltaic, and wind turbine for electricity production has become inevitable. In contrast to the traditional huge power grids, in which the synchronous machine play a significant role in producing power, the renewable energy sources do not have any rotating mass. The synchronous machine is the key source of inertia in the conventional power systems. The impact of low-inertia on the microgrid (MG) stability and operation is a hot topic in these days. One solution to address this issue in a stand-alone MG is to provide supplementary inertia, virtually. In simple terms, virtual inertia is able to be applied for the high penetration power system by utilizing energy storage devices among with power electronic circuits as well as an appropriate control algorithm. Hence, this study proposes a new intelligent virtual inertia control based-superconducting magnetic energy storage to maximize the secondary load frequency stabilization of modern AC power grids. In order to address this problem, a new structure of the fuzzy system is suggested. Finally, by using real-data, the performance and robustness of the proposed controller technique over other controller approaches have examined by the dSPACE real-time simulator.

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