Yong Zhang, Xiaojin Zhou, Jin Li, Xiaomei Zhang, and Mei Song


Content dissemination, multi-hop D2D network, set cover problem


Multi-hop device-to-device (D2D) transmission can offload traffic from cellular networks. The nodes in a multi-hop D2D network cannot constantly maintain connectivity for the entire network. A hybrid network that includes integrated cellular links and inter- mittent multi-hop D2D links is a novel architecture. To analyse content dissemination from one publisher to multiple subscribers in this new network scenario, a propagation model is established. First, nodes must be able to receive the requested content within the timeout and successful delivery probability (SDP) constraints. The transmission probability from end to end is analysed. The relay set search algorithm (RSSA), a Dijkstra-like algorithm, is proposed to determine the node set that can receive the requested content. Based on the RSSA, the problem is to find the minimum agent set required to propagate messages to all subscribers under the timeout and SDP constraints is analysed. A solution of the set cover problem (SCP) is employed to solve this issue. Our solution is evaluated based on realistic trace data and the results verify that our solution can achieve high SDP, low delay, and low computation complexity.

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