Real-Time Rendering of Ice

S. Seipel and A. Nivfors (Sweden)


Computer Graphics, Modelling of Natural Phenomena, Illumination Models, Realtime Rendering Algorithms.


We present a method for implementing visual appearance of ice and its most important characteristics in real-time. The proposed method is capable of filling a given convex geometry with air particles and bubbles as well as adding an arbitrary amount of cracks. Techniques are presented for creating a bumpy and irregular surface that multiply reflects and refracts the environment. An improved image space technique for clipping a geometry using the Boolean difference of two geometries is presented as well. This technique is used on the cracks to clip them against the ice’s geometry. The reflection and refraction effects on the ice are implemented by using environment mapping. Two-sided refraction is accomplished by combining the normal vectors of the front and back side of the ice object. The result is ice with convincing visual appearance rendered in real-time using modern graphics hardware.

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