Databases and Applications    (DBA 2005)

February 14 – 16, 2005
Innsbruck, Austria
Editor(s): M.H. Hamza
260 pages
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Track Data Mining and Data Warehousing FreeSubscription
454-011 Using Genetic Algorithms to Mine Interesting Dependence Modeling Rules
A. Simões Gonçalves (Brazil), A. Alves Freitas (UK), R. Kato, and R.C. Limão de Oliveira (Brazil)
454-018 The Definition and Estimation of Feature Salience in Databases
G. Richards, K. Brazier, and W. Wang (UK)
454-034 Improving Retrieval by a Similarity Thesaurus based on Hyperlink Structure
D. Kukulenz, K.-P. Herget, and J. Pauli (Germany)
454-040 Clustering of Thai Handcraft Customers using Combined SOM and K-means Algorithm
O. Chaimeun and A. Srivihok (Thailand)
454-048 A Schema Transformation Technique for Temporal Data Warehouses
V.T.N. Chau and S. Chittayasothorn (Thailand)
454-054 Using PC Clusters in Association Rule Mining
F. Kovács and S. Juhász (Hungary)
454-060 A Survey of Discovering Frequent Patterns in Graph Data
R. Ivancsy and I. Vajk (Hungary)
454-101 A Metamodeling Approach to Creating Data Models for Geospatial Datasets with Persistent Correlations
A. Sekar and A.H. Lee (USA)
454-102 Data Mining Strategy Selection via Empirical and Constructive Induction
M. Pechenizkiy (Finland)
454-103 Relationships between Attributes to Integrate Heterogeneous Data Sources: An SQL Methodology
S. Hamdoun and F. Boufares (France)
Track Database Design, Management, and Security FreeSubscription
454-021 The Difficulty of Mapping Modeled Associations to SQL
B.K. Ehlmann and X. Yu (USA)
454-037 Cooperative Agents and Software Fingerprinting for Security in Intrusion Detection Systems based on Autonomous Agents
R. Páez (Spain), C. Satizábal (Spain, Colombia), and J. Forné (Spain)
454-049 Transactions in the Pyrrho Database Engine
M.K. Crowe (UK)
454-051 A Model for a National Learning Objects Repository for Cyprus
P. Pouyioutas and M. Poveda (Cyprus)
454-059 Deriving User-Requirements from Human-Computer Interfaces
A.-F. Brogneaux, R. Ramdoyal, J. Vilz, and J.-L. Hainaut (Belgium)
454-065 MatBase Entity-Relationship Diagrams Subsystem Meta-Catalog Conceptual Design
C. Mancas and S. Mancas (Romania)
454-070 A Flexible Database Security System using Improved Role Hierarchy
J. Jung and M. Jeong (Korea)
454-087 Experimentation System for Evaluating MySQL Database Management System Efficiency
I. Pozniak-Koszalka and M. Helwich (Poland)
454-105 A Histogram Utilizing the Cluster Information
J. Roh, H.K. Park, K.W. Min, and M.H. Kim (Korea)
Track Distributed and Multidimensional Databases FreeSubscription
454-022 Using Fuzzy Clustering for Advanced OODB Horizontal Fragmentation with Fine-Grained Replication
A.S. Darabant, A. Campan, and O. Cret (Romania)
454-023 A New Commit Protocol for Distributed Real-Time Database Systems
U. Shanker, M. Misra, and A.K. Sarje (India)
454-032 Multi-Version and Evolution Support for Multidimensional Database Schema
J.L. Mitrpanont and S. Fugkeaw (Thailand)
454-044 A Topic-based Index Mechanism using Usefulness of Peers in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks
T. Yamada, K. Aihara, A. Takasu, and J. Adachi (Japan)
454-064 Range Queries on Distributed Spatial Approximation Trees
M. Marín (Chile)
454-067 Multiple Query Routing Trees in Sensor Networks
A. Munteanu, J. Beaver, A. Labrinidis, and P.K. Chrysanthis (USA)
454-075 Data Skew-Handling in Parallel MDIM Data Warehouses
A.M.C. Monteiro and P.N. Furtado (Portugal)
454-098 Optimizing Physical Design of Multidimensional Files for Join Queries
S. Mohammed (Saudi Arabia) and B. Srinivasan (Australia)
Track Filtering, Browsing, and Visualization FreeSubscription
454-009 The Visualization of Large Database in Stock Market
L. Lin (Australia, PRC), L. Cao, and C. Zhang (Australia)
454-012 Building a Geographical Ontology for Intelligent Spatial Search on the Web
G. Fu, C.B. Jones, and A.I. Abdelmoty (UK)
454-017 Supporting Transactional Negotiation Processes in B2B
J. Puustjärvi (Finland)
454-033 Group-based Relevance Feedback for Interactive Image Retrieval
G. Zhao, A. Kobayashi, and Y. Sakai (Japan)
454-052 Assessing the Use of the SOM Technique in Data Mining
D. Marghescu and M.J. Rajanen (Finland)
454-099 Mining Project Collaboration Information with Storytelling
N. Chalk (UK)
454-800 Maintaining Homomorphism Information of XPath Patterns
S. Yoo, J.H. Son, and M.H. Kim (Korea)
454-801 Natural Language Interface on a Video Data Model
G. Erozel, N.K. Cicekli, and I. Cicekli (Turkey)
Track Indexing, User Interfaces, and Applications FreeSubscription
454-019 Capturing Semantics of Semi-Structured Data using Partial-Order Trees
K. Goczyla (Poland)
454-039 Reverse Engineering Ontology to Conceptual Data Models
H. El-Ghalayini, M. Odeh, R. McClatchey, and T. Solomonides (UK)
454-057 Concurrency Control for Intermittently Connected Databases
L.C. Shu and C.-M. Tsai (Taiwan)
454-058 An HTML-Form-Driven Approach to Reverse Engineering of Relational Databases to Ontologies
I. Astrova (Estonia) and B. Stantic (Australia)
454-062 Hierarchical Classification of Heterogeneous Data
T. Furukawa and M. Kuzunishi (Japan)
454-063 Phonebook Search Engine for Mobile P2P Social Networks
B. Bakos, L. Farkas (Hungary), and J.K. Nurminen (Finland)
454-091 Extending the Concepts of Object Role Modeling to Capture Natural Language Semantics for Database Access
F.S.C. Tseng and T.-K. Fan (Taiwan)
454-096 The Eff2 Image Retrieval System Prototype
S.H. Einarsson, R.Ý. Grétarsdóttir, B.Þ. Jónsson (Iceland), and L. Amsaleg (France)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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This publication covers the following topics: Data Mining and Data Warehousing, Database Design, Management, and Security, Distributed and Multidimensional Databases, Filtering, Browsing, and Visualization, Indexing, User Interfaces, and Applications.

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